Serie “The Study of Solitude”

The impulse of creation begins, often in a terrifying way, in a tunnel of silence,” writes Adrienne Rich.

The last artistic creation of Vincent Bousserez is born from a necessity, a need: to confront himself. Man facing the man. Man in the face of nature Man facing his loneliness.

Shoot away in the far north, magnetized by this region for years. Yes, but the artist did not want to simply bring back images where the spectator gets lost in understanding where he is.

Vincent Bousserez wanted to experience this time a real loss of bearings, tangible and lose himself. For this, it was necessary for him to undertake a journey in extreme conditions.

36 hours. A trip to a totally deserted area of the Arctic Circle. A sleepless night, alone, in a totally surreal place, constrained by the beam of his headlamp, like the cyclops’ monocular gaze.

Departure from Paris at dawn. A first plane for the Finnish capital. A second for the extreme north-east of the country. The night. 100 km of frozen trails in 4 × 4. A 3 hour snowshoe hike to a place where no one has ever spent the night. A sleepless night in the heart of a forest literally frozen by -30° C.

A real danger and solitude for a pure creation. The time of a few hours, the experience of freedom, intensity, immensity and nevertheless the microcosm.

In the end, 8 magical photos that highlight the fundamental issues of Vincent Bousserez: the relationship of man to nature, the relationship to solitude, and the place of the individual in this immensity.

Virginia Woolf, referring to the infinite creation born of loneliness, writes:

“If I could capture this feeling, I would, this real awareness of the reality of our world, when we feel total solitude, in silence, far from civilization … Everything is possible and therefore, life is authentic. But does all this really support my words? I realize that I myself have never managed to touch the absolute emptiness. ”


Attracted by drawing and painting from an early age, Vincent is influenced by the work of his godfather, the painter Michel Bousserez. Never giving up his practice of the visual arts, he studied business school before working as artistic director in advertising.
Largely inspired by his travels, the artist made his first photographs in Morocco in 1996 with an old Exakta Vectra and a 50 mm.
It was a few years later in 2007 that he became known with his series entitled Plastic Life inspired by the discovery of a boutique of models in Paris. He con-ceptualized and photographed scenes of small human figurines placed at the heart of our daily lives, handling with delicacy humor and social criticism.

Vincent then developed different photographic series around his repeated travels in the Far North, and also urbanism and man in his environment.

Since forever, through his photographs, Vincent seeks to lose us, as he likes to lose himself. His eye plays with scales, dimensions, perspectives. Although man believes himself to be powerful, sacred and above all, he is also, under a different look, tiny, fragile and ephemeral. Breaking distances, playing on proportions at the heart of land-scapes, modern architectures, or staging in macro, Vincent reminds us that:

“Man is infinitely great in relation to the infinitely small and infinitely small compared to the infinitely large, which reduces it to almost zero. “

This quote from Vladimir Jankélévitch is in his mind permanently and it permeates all of his artistic work.

The works of Vincent Bousserez have been exhibited in numerous museums, galleries, fairs and institutions in France and internationally.