“The protagonist of these images is the light, the engine that has always asked what to photograph; light creates new objects. I have always used analog photography to express myself, and revelation is what ends up giving shape and consistency to simple images. ”
The delicate photos of Véronica Menichini speak of the grandeur of life from small details, intimate landscapes. With a fertile look, abstraction and figuration merge and speak of everything.
Since a few years I work on the project “piano-piano” which tries to reconcile my passion for photography with the manufacture of objects and especially small ceramic jewels on which I print my analog photos in darkroom, following the technique of the liquid emulsion. I also use the cyanotype technique. For this project, I collaborate with the ceramist Rossi Viader and the jeweler Ana Toledo.


“I fell in love with photography through cinema, which I approached during my university studies at D.A.M.S. (Department of Art and Music and Entertainment) Bologna, Italy.
Finally, I decided to focus more on photography, attending the three years of training at IEFC Barcelona. The experience really appealed to me because of the emphasis on knowledge of laboratory techniques, where my images really take shape. ”
Véronica Menichini currently lives and works in Cardedeu, Barcelona.

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