Valéa Djinn Lives and works in Paris and Grimault in Burgundy.
Valéa draws, installs, stages since childhood.
High School and university plastic arts courses and short films have nurtured her personal approach: creating sets, costumes, studying light and framing.
Valéa’s work comes in the form of plant sculptures, drawings and musical crea-tions.
In his Burgundy and Parisian workshops, a world of lightness is combined with an elegant graphic design.

Every day, Valéa gives pride to improvisations on a background remained virgin that cultivates the principle of appearance and intertwine figurative and ab-stract. Emerging new creatures as the interactions between different mediums (dry pastels, oil, watercolor, ink, colored pencil, graphite).
His first miniature plant sculptures were born of little stories that did not find their musical form.
Drawing on his collections of bark, lace and minced miniature objects, this is the beginning of the “Jardins de Poche” – small scenes inspired by dreamy tales, evocative of strange and poetic childhood memories sometimes captured. under glass globe.
Since 2008 more than 200 pieces have been exhibited.

While continuing to perform on stage (solo concerts, theater, musical performance), Valéa develops a sleek work of installation and thumbnails to pin. From this same intuitive and spontaneous gesture, recent works on paper are inspired by the plant and animal world.
“Twig Mix”, a series of amulet characters more or less animal, spooky announces drawings in ink on watercolor paper: “The small bestiary”, started late 2014.
Several series emerge in parallel: “I am Alice”, “Animale Series”, “Les Minuscules”.