Lives and works in Paris.

“All my research tends towards a point of equilibrium, necessarily imperfect”

She creates utilitarian objects, unique pieces, made for everyday life and made to duer.

Bowls, carafes, dishes … humble objects with simple forms, fruits of ancestral know-how, which cross the time.
Sandstone and porcelain, taut lines, partly enamelled raw materials, engobe prints, oxide, monochrome …

She works around a line of tension that crosses the finer parts to become a sketch. All his research tends towards this necessarily imperfect equilibrium point. As is that of the earth and stones shaped by time, wind and water. Roughness of the earth, transparency of water and light … It is this mixture of brutality, in the sense of raw material, and delicacy that is at the heart of his work.

The earth imposes humility and simplicity rigor. His desire is that each of his pieces be the testimony.