“I want to talk about the body as a symbol used by a society to talk about its fantasies, subject to the gaze and validation of others.

In this, we can say that our body does not belong to us completely, which impacts the construction of the identity, particularly feminine.

This state of affairs takes on a particular dimension in contemporary dematerialized society, which is therefore fantasized. Starting from this observation, I favor the emotional and sensory dimensions. The visitor is at the heart of the process, upstream or downstream of the creative process. The visit consists of a series of playful experiences, often sensory and tactile, which reveal the ambivalence of the subjects: ambivalence of the man vis-a-vis his fantasy, ambivalence or complicity of the fragmented woman thus object, free-will or alienation, play or oppression.

How to reinvest this body that society appropriates? ”



Lives and works in Paris.


Unspoken – curated by Sweet’Art – London
Angst – curated by Action Hybride – la Capela – Paris
Primera Vez – Galeria Dupressoir – Barcelona
Le Paradoxe du Cartel – curatrice Isabelle de Maison-Rouge – Galerie Valérie Delaunay – Paris
Solo show au Prieuré Saint Vincent – Ville de Chartres,
META Festival -Très chair – Galerie Laurent Mueller( Paris),
Parcours d’art contemporain de La Clayette (Bourgogne),
Festival Les Uns chez Les Autres : «Histoire d’O» à la Maison des Canaux (Paris),
Galerie Alexandre Cadain (Paris) «Féminins, singulier»,
«Pixels, Pigments and Space» à La Robinetterie (Paris),
«Stimuli» à lʼEspace Cardin avec le Studio55 (Paris).


Selected for the Matchart Project (www.matchart.net)
Co-founder of Zelig Leatherman  (www.zeligleatherman.com)
Member of Meta Editions (www.metaproject.net)
Co-making of the vidéo «the Temptation of Eve», with Moon
Kyu Lee    (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyEnmrjLav4)
Collaboration with the photographer Liliroze    (liliroze.com)

With Zelig Leatherman www.zeligleatherman.com

Making of a sound object for the first edition of Galeristes Art Fair – Paris 2016.
Conceptor and curator of the ARTYHOURS@13NORVINS, artistic and sensitive events.

Artists presented :
Noemie Sauve www.noemiesauve.com
Anne Laval www.annelavalultrabook.com
Sarah Trouche www.sarahtrouche.com