Lives and works in Paris.

After studying the history of art and starting out in advertising, Pantxika Saint-Martin chose to share her time between the artistic press and ceramics, a way of reconciling her need for images and shapes, that enable her to combine her exercise of the look and the practice of her art.

With her drawings of lamps for Migrators in 1996 (Seville and Barcelona lamps with beech wood legs), she signed her first interior objects. If she can take anything from this experience, and her taste for applied art, it is in modeling that she quickly finds her element: faience, her soft paste, her plasticity seems to her the ideal material, capable of producing current forms without denying tradition. With the eye and between the fingers some references of good quality: Scandinavian design, Cazeaux pottery (Biarritz 50 years) for a young modern woman who likes style and, for that too, remains attached to her Basque country and the love of elegance.

The “Family Drop”, published in 2003 by SPIRIT porcelain Limoges, reflects the continuity of her concerns. Heir of Germs, Grain and Goutte that have been draining for ten years, the set intended for the table -salière et peivrier, sugar bowl, carafe … – displays a refined roundness, a smooth surface that invites touch and make these objects useful artistic signs that bring to the interiors a certain “touch of class”.