“Underwater, I am myself.
I am still a child, I allow myself to play as if I did not do it out of the water.

This freedom to show oneself as one is illustrated on the beaches and in the swimming pools, whatever the age, the weight or the sex.

I choose subjects in a self-referential way: I choose an idea or my own experience to relate it to a more general concept. Walking along the thousand times explored roads: feelings, fears, losses and nostalgia … Sometimes I stop, tell a story and simply observe what happens. Other times, with some problems such as those related to the protection of animals, I give a direct opinion, seeking an awareness. In any case I try to find a lucid and sometimes sympathetic vision.

In my work, I seek the union between the spiritual, the formal and the symbolic. To be a kind of window through which to see the spectacle of life. But honestly and above all, continue to enjoy working, that sense of tranquility where what is happening outside does not, at least for a moment, matter more.”


A native of Mendoza, Argentina, Natalia Fürst lives and works in Barcelona.

“At 18 years old I decided to study Visual Fine Arts at the National University of Cuyo because nothing gave me so much pleasure and calmness that working with my hands the time stretched or reduced without any control.”