” My personal work explores the beauty of the unexpected facts in our surroundings. I work with single exposure and also Digital photomontage in some of my Photographs. I like to blur the boundaries between storytelling and real facts trough digital manipulation. Always using images that occurred in real situations, without the use of directed or staged photography. My work requires exploration, observation and patience in order to get the images I need. I started the project Post Memories in Shanghai in 2012-2013, when I started exploring the possibilities of photomontage thought the combination of several layers of photographs. Ever since I’ve combined street and documentary or even landscape photography with digital photomontages to create new narratives for my photography series, creating an ideal picture of the of the landscape or city that might or not exist ”

Mei Mei

“The nature of my work blurs the boundaries between beauty and grotesque, good and evil. Monstrosity in arts has always allowed artists to communicate feelings and ideas freely and there is an aspect of this in my sculptures. I particularly want to combine the kind and dark aspects that are intrinsic to human nature.
Collecting dolls and rare objects, my interest in myths, bizarre characters from different cultures and traditions, the representation of creatures and monsters in the history of art has a meaningful influence in my work. My pieces are made of needle felted wool, vintage doll parts and modelled clay, which generates a contrast between the found object that comes with it’s own history and character with a soft and sculptorical undefined body, resulting in these whimsical and bizarre creatures. “


Marta Corada is photographer and sculptress.

From Logroño in Spain, she studied in Salamanca University.

Today she lives and works in London.