“When people look at my characters, they feel appeasement, a kind of sweet joy.

Which is the same state of mind that I am when I draw them. I don’t think about spectator, It’s a way to externalize a well-being. In accordance with Picasso’s philosophical thoughts and his connection with childhood, I focus on feelings by face/body expression and colors. If ears, neck and hair don’t make sense together I don’t draw it.

On the other hand I use anthropomorphic birds in black and white comic strips inspired by day-to-day life, expecting people to recognize themselves and laugh. It can be compared to the animated series « The Shadoks » (1968, Jacques Rouxel), for the esthetic of the design and the personality, quite silly, of the characters.

«Painting is stronger than me, it makes me do what it wants» – Picasso.

It’s for me the best of doing art : to start without knowing what is going on. My result can be a mix of gouache, pastel, colored pencils and felt pens or collage.
Why do I draw birds ? I come from a port city where I have always been captivated by those seagulls we share the space with. I studied Visual Communication and in advertising class we had to express ideas without any text. I still work like this in my travelogue sketchbook. Searching simplicity and minimalism like the French cartoonist Sempé, with the idea of Robert Browning that « less is more ».”


Lola Lecoutour is a French artist living in Barcelona since 2012. She has always been drawing at home and after her Graphic Design studies she began to develop a personal style as an illustrator. She finds inspiration in everyday life. Most of the time, she uses watercolor, gouache, pencils and computer (Photoshop & Illustrator).