Série « Sea Lights »

“I like the ocean, its strength, its extent,
its immensity, its proximity, its moods,
its energy, its deployment, its colors,
its lights, its lands, its inspirations,
its textures, its variations,
its movements, its subjects,
its creation, its smells, its brilliance,
its majesty, its loneliness, its mystery ….
its magic, I like the sea. ”

These are all topics that I gleaned between 2011 and 2014 when I came to settle in Saint -Briac in Brittany.

It is understood, that the artist draws inspiration. From this quest is born the series “Sea Light”. It took hours of patience and counting on the whims of the sky to give such a sense of life. The sea rarely experiences emerald colors as violent, and the clouds of bodies and surprised faces. We stop in front of a wave frozen by time, offering details carved like a lace. Up to the colorful algae seeming to come out of a palette of exceptional wealth.


“My images are my innervoice, out of soft whispers and violent screams,
comes my star…”

For this artist, speaking with words is not a reflex that makes her fear a lack of truth. Her vocabulary, and Kris Seraphin-Lange defines it with the photograph that has imposed itself on her as an art full of life. She masters it by the ex-pression of movement, colors, and the harmony of beauty.
For a long time, through the body that Kris tells herself, she explores. If her pen is the objective of a device, her speech is penetrating and troubled, lively and bold. She is sensitive and dream like. She speaks to us with emotional emotion.
Lebanese educated, Egyptian by birth and French of culture she chose to live and work in Paris in 1990.
Her journey is multi-data, but still focused on the image.
As a child, she collected clichés torn from magazines.
At the age of 15, her parents offered her, her first device, a Minolta X500.

Through this, she was able to discover the means of expressing herself and get as close to her feelings as possible.
Graphic designer for the press, she collaborates with Vogue magazine, Beaux-arts before turning more specifically towards photography where she works in demand from many French magazines such as Psychologies, Paris-Match, Studio magazines, but also with the foreign press, Black and White in Australia, Noun in Lebanon…

In 1998 she did her first personal photo exhibition called VISION FEMININ, in Paris. This was the beginning of a series of personal and collective exhibitions in France and abroad.

Through her current photographic work, Kris strives to convey the beauty and intimate grace that transmutes into the Spectacular. Passionate and disturbing, Kris needs to create through photography so as to know herself and to recognize herself.