This new exhibition, which brings together Véronique Lafont and Viviana Guasch, is pursuing a series of unprecedented encounters between a gallery artist from France and an artist who is linked by her career, or her roots to Spanish and Catalan cultures.

If Véronique Lafont (French artist who lives and works in Burgundy – France) joined the adventure of the gallery Dupressoir from the beginning, the gallery was lucky to discover by chance the work of Viviana Guasch (Argentino-German artist) in her studio in Vilanova i la Geltrú near Barcelona.

When we look at the paintings of Viviana and Veronique, we say that Painting still exists, and it is a great news. Through the work of these two artists, Painting reveals itself spontaneously, radiantly and powerfully.
An incredible wealth of palettes unites these two artists who did not know each other at all. As if they had discovered an inexhaustible source of color in a secret place.

That’s why it seemed obvious to associate them during the time of this exhibition that we wanted to call “Joyful Polychromy”.
To say that they are alike is obviously reductive. What they share is a demanding relationship to color. What fascinates is the way in which they transcend the infinite chromatic possibilities with a great freedom while constructing very coherent and harmonious pictorial universes.

What is striking about their respective work is that they draw on their pigments to invent a visual poetry that our eyes understand in an instinctive way. They reinvent the sense of the beauty of the world that continues to amaze each time we rediscover it despite its multiple wounds.
We travel in landscapes bordering on abstraction, as in a geography without borders that juxtaposes colors, inserts rhythm into forms and invites us to a contemplation without constraint, to imagine otherwise the real, without contours, nor perspective, just a vague impression of horizon, a distant memory of undergrowth or vanished ponds.

Véronique Lafont likes to talk about coloring when she talks about her painting. It is a term not devoid of humor for this painter because it evokes both the gesture applied, the desire to empty his palette of colors and the unbridled freedom to fill the space at will in a boundless energy and with a lot of determination.
We feel that Veronique does not save her vital energy in the creation of her large canvases. This colorful swirl, this drunken rainbow is never dizzying. On the contrary everything evokes joy, a perpetual movement, a vibration, like the constant testimony of a vital impulse that nothing can thwart. It is a false semblance of chaos because the gesture is mastered.

Viviana Guasch often evokes the places she lives in, nature and the cosmos as matrices that nourish her work. But also chance and causality that invite the artist to accept what arises as a gift, an opportunity to add her touch. Painting for her is both an aesthetic and spiritual adventure, a way of being connected to the world to try to see something and tell it.

In both artists there is the presence of the elemental forces of the earth that spring in their paintings: the breath of the wind, the changing sky, the water, the vegetal. This tenuous border between abstraction and figuration as an invitation to a purposeless dreamlike journey also reflects the great maturity of these two artists who explore without restraint what drives them.

A painting that invites to total immersion whatever the format, a contemplative experience of fullness, therefore of fulfillment, which absorbs, which also viscerally links with the natural environment.