“My work is founded on the practice of drawing. I focus on the diversity of female identity, drawing portraits by simple lines reminiscent of ancient Egyptian drawings or carvings. The eyes, the mouth and profile become graphic icons. The recent series of layering portraits, as drawings and paintings are similar to visual puzzles expressing the female complexity.”


Isabelle Hayman, born 1969, is a French artist based in London. She trained as a textile designer at the ESAA Duperré Paris, followed by a Master of Fine Arts from Paris I. She worked in Indonesia as a textile designer, before moving to London 20 years ago. She has worked in the textile industry, has set up a range of fair trade products in Bangladesh. Her work has been chosen to illustrate various luxury brand projects. Her paintings were selected for the Discerning Eye exhibition. Recently, she has exhibited a series of 160 drawings in Paul Smith shops in Paris and London.