“With my porcelain creations, I seek to meditate on nature and confront it, even though I know I will not be able to overcome it. ”

The technique used is called zinc crystallizations. Oxides and natural minerals are used to create unique crystalline glazes. It allows creating, as the poet says, “the sheet of a zinc sky”, in which, camouflaged, all my worries, anxieties and longings converge. In “the burnished background of pale gray”, as in the surface of the porcelain burnished with precious stones, expanding the mineral enamel; and after a cooking process that reaches 1300º C, “distant flocks of birds stain the bottom” of the piece.

The technique, based on high temperatures and thermal shocks, reproduces the typical crystallization processes of nature such as water freezing or the crystallization of volcanic matter.

As a result, emerge in front of me an oniric and aquatic world, a symphony in greater gray, but full of notes and colors, “the sea like a vast crystal”, uncontrollable, wild, spontaneous and hostile, but, at the same time, fascinating, hypnotic and enigmatic.”


Born in Poland, Dariusz Kuzniak studied ceramics in Stowarzyszenie “Linie”, and in AOIA (Akademicki Osrodek Inicjatyw Artystycznich) in Lodz.

Today Dariusz lives and works in Barcelona.