From the intimate, it is often question in his approach in an attempt at sublimation that seeks to touch the world and people living in this world.

Just as Victor Hugo says in his preface to “Contemplations”

“None of us has the honor of having a life of his own. My life is yours, your life is mine, you live what I live, destiny is one.
Take this mirror, and look at it.
Sometimes people complain about writers who tell me.
Tell us about us, shouting at them.
Alas! When I tell you about me, I’m talking to you about you.
How do not you feel it? Ah! foolish, who thinks that I am not you! ”

On the other hand, in his pictorial practice, the question of the face and the gaze is posed, in a frontality as one can find it in the Fayoum portraits for example.
These faces look at us or avoid us, or else the eyelids are closed, faces busts cut from the body and placed in the center of the bottomless sheet other than the white paper.
Elsewhere, the rhizomic question of the plant, which sometimes mixes with these figures in hybrid forms.

Through these different practices, always the same thread that deploys the ball, the intimate, the plant, the human and sometimes the monstrous not so far …


Born in 1974. Lives and works in Lille

After studying History of Art and Modern Literature, Charlotte Puertas returned to the Beaux-Arts in Paris where she graduated in 2003.

His artistic practice is polymorphous according to the projects.
From modeling to painting on paper with a predilection for gouache, watercolor and mixed techniques (exploring the medium of painting through chemical experiments) or drawing animation drawing that she explores as an autodidact. Then finally the writing and reading of texts in collaboration with a video artist and musician with whom she works: David Schaffer.

In 2010 she directed a 21-minute film “Dangerous Life” within reach
autobiographical at an artist’s residency by mixing different mediums with a backdrop of a text read by actress Katia Geins in voice over and in 10 paintings.
Then more recently she wrote a book “Le journal de la Shéhé” published in 2017 by the editions Cynorrhodon-FALDAC, in their drawing-poetry collection.
This newspaper mixes paintings, drawings and “diary” a little bit tampered with since the dates do not include years and that it inserts some texts.