Antonia Rossi entrusts the galeria Dupressoir with a series of almost sacred jewels that evoke the gris-gris, the rosaries, the amulets that one wears to remember, to comfort oneself, to keep close to oneself precious thoughts, secret vows, superstitions and incantations.

Each jewel is a unique piece that one does not choose by chance. Real wonders of delicacy that fall into the universal category of essential objects that every human being forced to abandon his home or reduced to the greatest poverty would keep on him, near his heart. These are poetic and sentimental objects with symbolic forms of crosses, relics or ex-votos.


Antonia Rossi is an Italian artist who lives and works in Bologna, Italy. She creates objects of art from textiles she recovers at the whim of her urban wanderings and travels and that she assembles, reinvents through techniques of subtle seams.

Its source of inspiration is enclosed in suitcases that follow it everywhere and contain a small treasure of crumpled pamphlets, bits of fabric, spools of colored thread, safety pins, eighth notes, transparent paper, yellowed by time, “a treasure of modest materials, but full of history, which tells the story of my research.

The sewing, the fabrics, the recovery of the materials, are elements that have been part of her life since childhood: the grandmother worked the hook, the mother sewed, the father restored the furniture. Its creative process has its roots in the tradition of Abruzzo, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, and in the principle of unlimited reuse. It is a journey in memory, in time, between memories of people never met and past lives, an adventure, “partly still mysterious, which has become the magnet of my interests, my eyes, my concerns. ”

Her nomadic soul continues to take her to Paris where she has worked for many years, particularly in a mythical place of creation in the heart of the Halles district: “Le Facteur Céleste” created by Delphine Kholer.

“I work without knowing how to work, often without even imagining the result,” explains Antonia Rossi. “It is the fever of the hands, the urgency to approach different materials, to give the floor to my secret garden of memories, to rediscover gestures that deeply marked my interior landscape”