The ambition of Galeria Dupressoir is twofold:

Disseminate the creation of experienced visual artists and craftspeople who do not have the notoriety they deserve for the quality and richness of their artistic career. It is about weaving with each artist a relationship or partnership which is long term and allows them to pursue and deepen this project.

Giving everyone the opportunity to discover this art by making it accessible thanks to not only a welcoming environment, but attentive listening, quality, inspiring propositions and a wide range of unique pieces and objects in limited series.

Located in the heart of the Born, a district both historic and emblematic with Barcelona’s creativity, the gallery warmly welcomes all visitors, from residents, to enlightened collectors, to amateurs not daring to take the plunge, to companies integrating art into their projects, and finally professionals in architecture and interior design.

The approach of the gallery is to seek with artists variations around unique works in the form of art objects, books of artists, and reproductions that enrich the terms of expression and offer different audiences means of acquisition.

This approach is reflected in a mixed place that exhibits the unique pieces of permanent artists and a boutique space that offers these limited series and these objects of art.

The gallery organizes exhibitions in the local neighborhood around Carrer Sant Pere Mes Alt, 42 and also events outside its walls in other areas of Barcelona, or indeed in other cities in Spain and Europe. We also do co-productions or exchanges of artists by inviting other galleries to invest her place and vice versa.