Opening a gallery has always been a dream and this dream has been realized in 2017 and in Barcelona.

Not Paris, where I come from, nor any other place in France or in Europe. It is Barcelona where this has taken place. And why? Well, here in Barcelona art and artists a long with creativity is everywhere. The coexistence of the legacy of tradition, modernity and the contemporary is without fuss and without rivalry. There is a creative energy and an optimistic feeling that “anything is possible” despite the difficulties.

Everyone here has told me, as elsewhere: “how unwise to set up a gallery!”

It is not unwiser than the artists who devote their lives to creating their art in a world that does not offer them a deserved place along with any other human activity.

“It is the internet that is necessary at the expense of places of” bricks and cement “to spread creation.

“There is no more money to buy art.”

“Painting, sculpture or photography no longer interests anyone”.

“Artists and galleries no longer trust each other”.

I believe exactly the opposite and I hope through Galeria Dupressoir to take the opposite views to these ideas that harass artists and disorient audiences in their desire to discover.

This chronic lack of visibility of many confirmed artists, this impossibility for them to project themselves in time and the feeling of mistrust with regards to the various commercial intermediaries weakens the creation. This deprives all amateurs and art lovers of new and rare encounters.

Fortunately, the initiatives to support the artists continue to flourish in Barcelona to try to make this just slogan from a Catalan gallerist possible: “Buy from the artists while they are alive. After that it’s useless and it’s more expensive.

“Joyful Polychromy” exhibition with Véronique Lafont and Viviana Guasch – From 20th of 3d of Nov. 2018

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